Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tula Stock Update: June 20th, 2015

We have quite a few Tula Baby Carriers in stock this week. With new shipments coming in every week, you are certain to find a print that you can't live without. Here's what we have in stock right at the time of writing this blog post (June 20th, 2015 at 11am EST)

Friday, June 19, 2015

The CDC says this ingredient is just as effective as DEET!

The CDC has confirmed that an ingredient in I'll Fly Away bug spray is just as effective as DEET. You can feel good about putting I'll Fly Away on your family. It is a natural way to repel pesky bugs with out the fear of exposing your children to the risks of DEET.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baby Safe Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Here in West Michigan there has been a lot of talk about ticks and mosquitoes. It seems like everyday my news feed on Facebook is filled with articles on how to remove ticks or how to check your children and pets for ticks.

Most preventive remedies call for harsh chemical that aren't safe for babies. (If we are being honest, they probably aren't safe for adults either) 

EcoBuns Natural Baby Boutique in Holland, Michigan has two great products that are must haves for this summer and are safe for babies. 

Two Ways To Earn Rewards At EcoBuns

Two ways to earn rewards at ecobuns:



  1. Once you've placed your order and it has shipped, your MyRewards Point will be redeemable in [30] days.
  2. To view your MyRewards, simply go to MyRewards.
  3. Enter the total amount (in points) you'd like to redeem (200 points = $1).
  4. You're now ready to save on your next purchase. Upon placing your order, your available MyRewards will automatically be deducted from the total purchase amount.



  1. When you make a purchase in store, we will set you up with a rewards card.
  2. Every time you make a purchase, we will put the pre-tax total on a box on the back of the card.
  3. When you fill your card (5 purchases) you will receive a gift card to the store worth 5% of the total purchases on your card. 
  4. When you use your reward in-store, you will get started with a new card so you can continue to earn rewards. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome Baby Boy

Meghan is one of the owners at EcoBuns Natural Parenting and Baby Boutique. Local shoppers will see her at the store a couple of times a week, but she typically does most of her work from home while caring for her 2 year old son and, on most days, Marissa's two children as well. She is the one who does a lot of the behind the scenes work, like ordering fun, new products for the store, making sure all your favorite products are stocked, bookkeeping, and making sure that everything runs smoothly. She is a health and wellness enthusiast, wife and mother to 2. To read her first blog post about her pregnancy, click here.

Today I had planned to be writing about hitting the 30 week mark in my pregnancy - what a milestone that felt like (30!) and update everyone on how my what-would-have-been 7 week hospital stay was going. Instead, I am sitting in the comforts of my own home and am here to share the news that my sweet little boy was born 1 week ago.

[Mason's first kiss from Daddy - at 6 days old]