Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why Giving Diapers Makes Sense to Young Children

EcoBuns is sponsoring a diaper drive for Nestlings Diaper Bank of West Michigan.  For more information on the diaper drive, click HERE.

Diapers are a basic health necessity for babies but are not provided by government assistance programs. Keeping a child in a clean diapers should not depend on how much money you have.
Families with financial struggles and children living in poverty continue to be a growing problem in Michigan and while there are wonderful organizations that feed, clothe, heal and house children, an adequate supply of disposable diapers is an ongoing critical need that is often unrecognized and unmet.
Diaper banks exist throughout the country and successfully serve their local communities but Nestlings is the first diaper bank in West Michigan. Nestlings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the ongoing need for diapers and designed to be a centralized source for collecting, storing, and distributing diapers.

Diaper Drives are a great way to start talking to young children about helping others.  Children as young as 2 can grasp the idea of helping others.  Giving diapers makes sense to children because they are either in diapers themselves, remember being in diapers, or have younger siblings or cousins in diapers.  Children often care for babies in their imaginative play and understand that all babies need diapers.    

Below are some ideas for talking to your children about need and the diaper drive.  Many of these can be mixed and matched.  You know what will work best for you child.  

*CLOSED* Win A Lifetime Supply of Diapers from Thirsties

EcoBuns is sponsoring a diaper drive to benefit Nestlings Diaper Bank of West Michigan.  

Win a lifetime supply of cloth diapers from Thirsties for donating to the diaper drive!!! Receive one entry for each disposable diaper you donate! 

You will also receive one entry per diaper donated to win a gift card to EcoBuns and a prize pack from Smart Bottoms Diapers.  

Babies go through a LOT of diapers in their first year of life! Help EcoBuns collect enough disposable diapers to diaper one child for one year. Our goal is to collect 3,200 diapers. 

Diapers can be dropped of or mailed into EcoBuns (12330 James st - suite B65, Holland, MI 49424). EcoBuns is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-8pm. 

EcoBuns has partnered with Nestlings | Diaper Bank of West Michigan to help provide education and support for their new cloth diaper program.  Read more HERE.  

The diaper drive will run from August 1st-14th. We are accepting disposable diapers of all kinds, opened, or unopened packages. 

On August 17th, come visit EcoBuns and see all the donated diapers. It's truly amazing how many diaper changes one baby will go though in one year!! When we are finished with the disposable diapers, they will be donated to Nestlings. 

Let your friends know that you are participating in the drive by sharing this blog post, or posting on the Facebook event HERE.  

You can also support Nestlings Diaper Bank by purchasing a gift card to off of their registry.  The registry name is Neslings Diaper Bank.  Password: Nestlings