Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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Quiet Toys to Keep Big Kids Occupied During the Holidays

Welcome back, dear friends! Are you excited for the Holiday season? I know all of us here at ECOBUNS BABY + CO definitely are!

Today I am here to help answer one of the biggest questions that we get asked around this time of year: What kinds of toys do you have that will help keep the big kids occupied and happy during Holiday get-togethers and family gatherings?

The Holidays can sometimes be a hectic time and for kids being herded around even more so. So, how can we keep them occupied, yet not make things complicated and over-stimulating? We here at ECOBUNS have just added to our list of wonderful, no-batteries-needed toys just in time for the Holidays. All you and your kiddos will need is a quiet, comfy place to hang out so that you can let your imaginations soar. Plus, who doesn't like to have their littles learning while they are having fun and playing?!

Come on along with me as I help you to navigate the world of toys and break things down into a simple, travel-worthy list.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Welcome back, ECOBUNS family!

For anyone who bottle feeds, whether from a freezer stash of pumped milk or formula, Comotomo makes a wonderful addition to your baby care arsenal! They are made of silicone, so there are is no plastic touching baby's mouth or the milk inside of the bottle and their light weight makes them easy to grip as baby is transitioning between bottle and a sippy cup. We carry nothing but this brand as we believe that it is the best one out there and the only one that you will ever need. Having a few of these on hand will make life a breeze for both parents and baby alike.

Be sure to come in to the store here in Holland and ask us all about them! They are a customer favorite and top registry pick for a reason.

Read along below to check out what makes these bottles so wonderful to have in your home and in your diaper bag.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Baby Carrier


Psssst... Have you heard? ECOBUNS BABY + CO has a ton of this season's new colors from Happy! in stock and ready for you to shop! If you are not yet familiar with Happy! soft-structured carriers and bamboo wraps -- welcome to the wonderful world of Happy!

With new colors just recently released, no infant insert needed, and soft, light-weight material, it is an all around win. The linen looks cute and modern, and it serves to prevent you and baby from overheating and getting uncomfortable on your adventures together. When not in use, this carrier is wonderfully small to pack and bring on flights (think carry-on) and road trips (think glove box). This way you'll never be without a carrier to help keep your hands free, yet to have your baby close for snuggles and kisses.

Read along a little further to find out more about Happy!'s newly-released fall colors!

Gift Registry: Top 5 Customer Favorites

Welcome, welcome! I'm so glad that you decided to stop by and say hello!

Although this Michigan weather is trying to be sneaky, don't let it fool you! The holidays are just around the corner and gift lists are in the works. Perhaps you or someone you know is due to have a baby in the coming months. Why not make gift giving for parents-to-be and the holidays that much simpler?  Did you know that ECOBUNS BABY + CO has an online registry? Keep all of your ideas in one place with the ability to look it up on the go, as well as a great way to send a little birdie to loved ones who may be looking for gifts for you and your family. With our store specializing in sustainable, eco-friendly, practical and heirloom-quality items, you can't go wrong with anything that you pick out for your registry list.

Whether you are looking for your own family or a friend, but you have no idea which products to start with, we have our Top 5 registry items that are sure to please!

Check them out below and add them to your registry today!