Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 Tips for Newborn Cloth Diapering

1. Meconium washes out of cloth diapers:  Don't stress about trying to get that thick black tar poop out of your diapers, it washes right out. You'll find it hardly leaves a stain behind.  If it does leave a stain, set your diapers out in the sun for a few hours, and they will be as good as new.  You'll have a harder time washing meconium off of your baby's skin than you will washing it out of your diapers.  You can put a thin layer of olive oil on your baby's bottom to help prevent the meconium from sticking so bad.  

2.Take the diaper off of your baby and put it right into a wet bag or pail liner.  Especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding.  Breastfeed poop will come out in the washing machine with no rinsing required.  

3.Just do it: Start right away.   I personally LOVE the newborn stage of cloth diapers.  It allows parents to get the hang of cloth diapering before baby starts wiggling and rolling.  You'll be changing a LOT of diapers anyways, might as well be changing a cloth diaper.

4. Don't skimp on your newborn diaper stash.  Yes, your baby will only be in their newborn diapers for a few months, but the early days of getting accustomed to a new baby is not the time to be doing diaper laundry every day.  A newborn can go through 12 to 16 diaper changes a day.  Multiply that by the amount of days you want to be washing diapers to get a good number for how many you will need.  

5. Rethink prefolds.  In a 2013 survey of EcoBuns' customers, Bummis prefolds and covers were rated as the number one newborn diaper option.  This option will cut down on the cost of cloth diapering in the newborn stage, and you will also be able to reuse the prefolds as doublers in future diapers.  

6. Have some all in one diapers in your stash.  Even if you go with mostly prefolds and covers, you will want to have a few cloth diapers that go on just like disposable diapers.  This way, when someone is visiting you they can help with diaper changes without any excuses!  If you want to go the simple and easy route, this is it! 

7. Print off your diaper washing instructions and tape them to your washing machine, and then follow them. We print off washing instructions for our customers.  This handy step by step guide is super easy to follow.  Tape it to your washing machine so that visitors can wash a load of diapers for you!  

8.  Don't stock up on one brand.  Much like disposable diapers, every parent (and caregiver) will have their preference on what diaper they think works the best.  Use this stage to pick a few different brands and styles to test out.  Once you've settled on a brand or two that you love, then take advantage of our bulk discounts and package deals.  

9. There is no cloth diaper police that is going to come to your house.  So go ahead and stagger those snaps to get the best fit.  Don't feel guilty if you cloth diaper part time.  We don't judge, and it's not an all or nothing kind of thing.  I promise, no one is going to show up at your door to make sure you are following all of the "rules."  You do what works best for your family.  

10.  Let us know if you need help.  That's what EcoBuns is here for.  We are your resource.  When you buy your diapers from us, we are committed to helping you make them work.  If you have questions, ask us!  Most often when parents are frustrated with their diapers we can help solve the problem with a simple fix.  But we can't help if you don't ask.  The internet is full of cloth diaper groups and forums that you can join.  However, cloth diapering isn't a one solution fits every problem kind of thing.  Don't ever feel like you are bothering us.  It's our job to help you!  

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